Voting in Oregon

Many people fought, suffered and died for our right to vote. Oregon does a terrific job in encouraging voters through simplified methods for registration and voting by mail.

To learn more about Voting, Voter Registration and/or updating your registration a move please visit

Here is also the link for the Lincoln County Voter's Pamphlet

PCP's (Precinct Committee Persons) are vital members of the Democratic Party. While many individuals may identify as Democrats -PCP's are elected or appointed, vote at the local Central Committee-level on direction, policy, priorities and Central Committee expenditures. As a PCP you can help make sure we educate and inform your neighbors and community about important issues and candidates. You can help guide the State Party platform. Write Letters to the Editors in support of our legislative and issue priorities. Become a PCP today! Contact your Lincoln County Chair or Co-Chair -or attend our public meetings. Remember -Democracy is not a spectator sport!