The GOP Exposed by Irene Rasmussen

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump screamed about “American carnage.” There was no “carnage” under Obama: the president was levelheaded and presided over constant job creation and economic growth. Immigration slowed to a trickle, stocks went up when he took office in the midst of the Bush recession, and more Americans were covered by health insurance than ever before.

            Trump has delivered carnage with a vengeance.

In the last two months we staggered through the G-7, the NATO summit and Helsinki (Trump attacked our loyal Canadian and European allies while praising Putin and criticizing our own intelligence and armed services). Trump then told Americans that Korea was “de-nuclearized” when it wasn’t. 

            Then we lurched on to the disgrace of the Kavanaugh appointment.  

In confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the entire GOP revealed its fatal flaw—prejudice and mindlessness which are really the same thing. Democracy cannot thrive when mindless behavior dominates.

Kavanaugh painfully revealed his own deep bias by calling the confirmation hearings a “left wing conspiracy” the “revenge of the Clinton’s,” etc.  His testimony was a combination of childish pouting and whining about the “politicization” of the proceedings. Since Kavanaugh is an old GOP operative, the confirmation was politicized from the start.

The GOP didn’t really want to investigate the allegations. The fact that Professor Ford had not reported the assault at the time was sufficient proof for them that it didn’t happen—even though non-reporting is absolutely typical behavior of assault victims. In the end, no Republican lawmaker showed any real character. To sum it up, the GOP conducted a corrupted, rigged process. It used to take 60 votes to confirm a Supreme Court Justice, but they have slowly broken all the rules. It was an insult to all women.

One appalling story after another was pushed off the front page by the next one.

            Were those border families ever re-united? (No, not yet!)

Within weeks the country staggered on to the Kashoggi spectacle. Trump made excuses for the butchering and dismemberment of a Saudi born Washington Post reporter. Trump said the Saudi denials were “plausible.” Excuse me—who takes a bone saw to an unexpected fistfight? 

In constant rallies, Trump howled about the Democrat “mob” while mimicking and praising onstage the criminal assault of a GOP congressman on a journalist.

The immigrant invasion? A category 5 cyclone just devasted the US territory of Gaum, yet Trump is diverting both FEMA and Pentagon resources to “deal with” a crowd of a few thousand asylum seekers about 1,000 miles away in Mexico. Apparently, they might overthrow the country!

Trump promised a last minute “Middle Class Tax Cut” (Congress will not be in session to pass one). They could have thought of the middle class sooner, like when they did the last tax cut, which has already added almost a trillion dollars to the deficit.

Meanwhile, after Trump did nothing to address Russian election meddling for two years, our vote is still not secure. A new Russian has been indicted for meddling in THIS election and there is blatant racist GOP voter suppression in Georgia, Tennessee, North Dakota, Florida and Kansas…

In his rallies, Trump has repeatedly praised and even incited violence. Now, twelve bombs have been mailed to the top tier of Democratic figures, potential 2020 candidates, and Trump critics. Far from condemning this, Trump has blamed the media and Democrats.

And oh yeah, the stock market just lost all its gains for the year…

The basic contempt Trump shows for our nation and its people is intolerable. Our founding fathers created a government of, by and for the people. By turning our government into a clown show, and then exploiting its “weakness,” Trump and all who support him are acting in a profoundly dangerous, unpatriotic way.

Trump laughs at and threatens his opponents, but he has just as much contempt for his supporters. It is time to put a check on this clown show.

Trump says a vote for a Republican is a vote for him. So it is. So vote for Democrats across the board. Every vote for a Democrat is a vote against Trump and his clown show.