Pushing Turnout and Getting Out the Vote

Our local party activists have been working hard to get out the vote. We have created messaging and literature, trained canvassers, and made over 2000 contacts to local Democrats. We do all this to defend YOUR interests. Now we could use your help (not money, just a little bit of time)!

There are about 17,000 registered Democrats in Lincoln County. Last election cycle, about 7,000 of them didn’t vote. We need to change this. You can help.

If every one of our 500 made it a point of honor to contact just 4 or 5 of their closest neighbors (regardless of party affiliation) and remind them to vote and (if possible) refer them to our website if they need more information, that would be over 2,000 further voter contacts. That could make a real difference!

Our website has a comprehensive set of talking points that apply to Trump and his new GOP (just click on “campaigns”). In this election, any vote for a Republican is a vote for Trump!

Our slate of endorsements is also on our website along with our values statement, and various opinion articles.

Please help us share this information.

Research shows that elections are won on slim margins—your help could really make a difference, especially in the tightly contested Governor’s race. Here, GOP dark money from out of state is making a serious play to unseat our very effective governor—Kate Brown. Kate deserves another term.

So please talk to your neighbors—these personal contacts are the most effective way to turn out the vote.