Resistance and the Truth about the 2018 Mid-terms

By Gilbert Schramm

So far, the people of Lincoln County have done themselves proud: we had huge turnouts for the Women’s March just after Trump was elected, huge turnouts for the pro-science demonstrations, and big turnouts in support of DACA, against the separation of refugee and asylum-seeking families at the border, against Trump’s outrageous white supremacist comments on Charlottesville, and in support of the survivors of mass shootings like Parkland. All great actions—but not really enough.

What matters is to remember what Trump has done so far… and to vote!

Whether you are a woman, a member of a minority community of any kind, an environmentalist, a peace and justice advocate, or just a reasonable, fair-minded citizen, you have overwhelming reasons to vote in the coming election. Healthcare (the number one concern of most working and retired Americans) is on the line. An effective response to climate change is on the line. Basic protections for children and minorities are at stake. Future supreme court nominations, and countless important lower court appointments are in play. Above all, President Trump has claimed that this election is a referendum on his first appalling 650 days in office. In the current situation, any vote for a republican is a vote that lends support to Trump and his rule of government of, by and for the rich, the privileged and the entitled. And a vote for a republicans is also a vote against affordable healthcare, against fair taxes, against action on climate change, against justice for women, children and minorities and against a sane foreign policy that values our allies and opposes dictators.

Yet as important as these midterms are, voters should understand a simple fact. Simply voting in this crucial election is not enough. Even in the best scenarios (Democrats take the House and even—by a few seats---the Senate), this will not be a majority that can impeach Trump. We need to put ALL our energy into the 2018 midterm elections—and get ready for the even more consequential 2020 election.

Of special concern this election is the Oregon Governor’s race. Across the nation, Trump’s GOP is trying to seal its grip on power through voter suppression, gerrymandering and other tricks. Control of state politics is the first line of defense against these violations of basic constitutional governance. It all starts with electing reliable governors.

Kate Brown took office under difficult circumstances. She has done a great job of defending and expanding access to healthcare for all Oregonians. She has made progress with education—the key to our children’s future. She has stood for legislation that maintains justice, security and sustainability. These are the core values that lead to true prosperity.

            Her opponent, by contrast, takes his cues from the standard Republican playbook. First, he has misrepresented our Governor’s achievements in dishonest ads funded by dark money. Second, he pretends to support almost all the things that she does, while in fact, as a representative, he actually voted against them. Third, he will likely ignore his promises as soon as he gets power (if voters let him).

The obvious question for voters is, “Why does he oppose a candidate who supports women, children and minorities. Why does he oppose a Governor who has a record of creating jobs, and supporting healthcare and education and renewable energy and the environment?

The answer is just as obvious—Mr. Bueller doesn’t mean a word he says.

The fact that he gets big money from Trump’s GOP (which doesn’t really care about any of these things just listed) just proves that even they don’t believe he means a word of what he now says.

Kate’s opponent has received big support from the GOP because he has learned basic lessons taught by Trump: the truth doesn’t matter! You can say anything to get elected, because once you fool voters into giving you power, you can do as you like.

I hope people in Lincoln County will send a strong message by voting a straight Democratic ticket. “Resistance” isn’t really about being against Trump and his abhorrent personality. Our resistance is really rejection of his attacks on science, the rule of law, minorities, women and his dangerous foreign policy. Resistance is about doing what is right for our state and our nation.

So please vote. It’s still easy and it really matters.