HMS Trump Still Afloat by Stan Shell

HMS Trump Still Afloat

Well, I sure missed that one!  A few months ago I predicted that the Trump-Mueller judicial contest would have been resolved in an attempt to fire Mueller and/or pardon all involved.  While neither has happened yet, there is even more reason for me to be pessimistic than several months ago.  As I write this, the latest outrage involves separating asylum seeking parents from their children while  having his Attorney General announcing the policy to great fanfare, and then blaming  it on the Democrats.  Imagine a 2 year old barely speaking some Spanish being forcibly taken from its mother for an undetermined time and placed in an English speaking lockup.  It doesn’t take psychology degrees to predict there will be serious mental problems going forward for many of those kids. Trump’s total disregard for the truth is displayed with the latest Justice Department I.G.’s report faulting Comey for his handling of Hillary’s Emails.  Trump claims the report established that there was no Russia-Trump collusion, no obstruction of justice, and the FBI management  was biased  against him.  None of those claims were  even hinted at in the report.  However, that does not stop Trump from lying  about it all.  While I approve of dialog with North Korea, it seems clear that all Trump brought home from Singapore is a T-shirt. I could go on and on.  Giuilani is not worth commenting on.

What now seems apparent, is that regardless of Mueller’s findings, Trump is planning on trashing all things FBI and Justice Department and counting on Republican congressional support to stay as President.  I’m not confident  a solution will be found for our unprecedented problem.  We can no longer rely on a Republican party that will act with the best interests of the U.S. in mind.  This is now the Trumplican Party with staying in Trump’s favor being its primary lodestar.  The rare traditional Republican who does not swear fealty to Trump gets bounced in the primaries.

So my question today is what happens to those traditional Republican voters in 2018?  What about those who have voted for people like Reagan, Romney, McCain,  Bush I and II and voted for fiscal responsibility, close ties to our traditional allies, free trade, and were very wary of Russia?  What will they do in November?  What will they do if Obstruction of Justice charges are filed against Trump?  What if it is revealed Trump is a Russian stooge?   Will they still fill in the spot next to “R”, will they sit out, or will they temporarily join the  Democrats and send this abomination of a presidency to history’s dustbin?  I wonder.

At points in my life I have toyed with voting for Bush I , Jon Huntsman and John McCain.  In these perilous times I would no more vote for a Republican than try to fly to the moon on a box kite.