Who are the local Democrats? 

We are local citizens and neighbors who feel this country has recently taken a serious turn down a dead end road. We are a party of diversity across class, ethnic and racial lines—we are people who realize that it is time for people to take a stand for their country.

What do local Democrats stand for? 

We stand for the concept of "Prosperity Through Values."

What Does Prosperity Mean?

For Trump’s GOP, ‘Prosperity’ apparently means a pile of cash. That cash is obtained through funny business deals, tax evasion, cutting legal corners, abandoning work and environmental safety regulations, and throwing minorities and other struggling members of our community overboard.

We believe Trump’s version of prosperity is a misguided illusion.

Democrats see prosperity differently.

For us, true prosperity means a living wage and opportunity. It also means the sense of security that comes from knowing there is a sensible, affordable safety net: social security and healthcare. It also means being able to have a sense of pride in being an American.

For Democrats, true prosperity is achieved not through throwing our most cherished national values overboard in the hope of getting rich quick: it means honoring our values—and recognizing that through honoring those values, prosperity will not only come, but be meaningful when it does come.

What are Democratic values?

When you look at Democrats across the nation, there are three core values that are common to all of us: they are what we call the "circle of success." They are justice, security and sustainability.


Democrats believe in justice first. Any law, rule or regulation should be fair to everyone. We support the constitution, the rule of law and the principle of fairness. If we defend these values, we have the foundations for true prosperity.


Democrats naturally believe in keeping our country safe from threats from foreign powers, crime or terrorism. These are the traditional tasks that a nation is responsible for.

But the modern world is more complex than the world of our parents. Today, the main threats to the security of most Americans are job insecurity, the ever rising cost of healthcare, and natural disasters. In reality, the danger of dying from a foreign or terrorist attack is one in a million. The possibility of suffering a healthcare crisis that ends in early death and family bankruptcy is much, much more real.

Democrats understand that our spending priorities need to reflect these facts.

For Democrats, the three "R’s" of an effective foreign policy are: Reason, Restraint, and Reliability. Reason means policy based on facts—NOT mere ideology. Restraint means understanding that we can be a force for good in the world—but we can’t solve every problem. Reliability means being there for trusted allies—and knowing when old relationships are simply being used by others to manipulate us.


Democrats realize that any policy—local or national—must acknowledge the fact of global climate change. Even the Pentagon recognizes that food insecurity, resource scarcity, mass migration and political instability will increase as climate change continues. These challenges can only be met by reforming our energy economy and the way we live. ALL our national policies must be focused on our ability to pass a livable world on to future generations. Unlike Trump’s GOP, we are not willing to bury our heads in the sand and ignore these challenges.

The three Democratic values of Justice, Security and Sustainability create a circle of success. If we honor them they will produce the conditions for true prosperity. Together they answer the key questions every American should ask about any government policy:

• Is it fair?

• Does it make us more secure?

• Is it sustainable?

• Will it lead to true prosperity?

Democrats believe that policies that meet this standard will create the prosperity that Americans should be able to count on.

That is a simple, clear standard.