Gun Ownership and American Society - by Eric Sherman

Eric’s Personal Comments – February 25, 2018

I am a pro-2nd Amendment gun owner. I don’t think that the rabid right-wing gun nuts have a

clue what “well-regulated militia” means. I don’t think that requiring some basic cursory competency

classes & exams is an undue burden towards firearm ownership. I don’t think that banning bump stocks

infringes on anything. I think firearms are here to stay, and that Democrats, progressives, liberals, antigun

people in general would do well to become educated and go to a gun range with an instructor and

learn how to handle and fire one, at least so they have an idea of what they’re talking about in the public

forum. I don’t think that AR-15s are the problem, as there are a zillion other firearms that are comprised

of the same mechanisms and fire the same ammunition. I do think that if you own an AR-15 under the

guise of “hunting,” well… nice gun. Sorry about your genitals. I don’t think throwing mental health

problems under the bus is doing any good; I think we need to recognize the ability and common practice

of our society to completely and utterly break and discard people.

A friend of mine, and hardcore Libertarian, recently posted some statistics about gun deaths in

America. Suicide was #1. Accidental gun deaths were up there. Homicides were up there. Law

enforcement shootings were up there (which if there is a group that needs to be collectively disarmed,

that’s where I’d start. Not apologizing for that). School shooting deaths were a tiny fraction of the total.

I was immediately angry. What are we supposed to do, just crunch the numbers whenever there’s a

mass shooting to see if it’s worth infringing on liberty yet? “Oh, only 17 victims at this one. Not

enough.” When Sandy Hook happened I was sick to my stomach and had a lump in my throat for a week.