February 2018 - Labor Report by Eric Sherman

Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Labor

Monthly Report for February 2018

This report is intended to serve as a “digest” of sorts for news, events, and activities pertinent to

working people throughout Oregon and the United States in general.

Activities & Events

• I am still working out of town and expect to be through the summer. Extremely busy, but there are

some critical things going on that need to be addressed.

• Y’all filed your PCP candidate paperwork?? Don’t forget there are also lots of public committee

positions available throughout the County!

• Lincoln County Commissioner Thompson reports that long-awaited Newport wave energy test

facility is close to being approved. Keeping tuned on that!

Legislation & Court Cases to Watch (both favorable and unfavorable activities may be listed here)

Janus v. AFSCME – Supreme Court case being heard on February 26th. This one is potentially a

death blow to public sector unions and, by extension, private sector unions as well.


• Precision Castparts is one of the largest companies in Oregon by revenues, and is extremely antiunion.

Organizing efforts by the Machinists Union had gained some foothold until the NLRB –

tasked by law to facilitate Union organizing efforts – became stacked with anti-union Trump




• The Trump campaign relied heavily on a promise of spending $1.5 trillion on infrastructure

improvement. Now the administration has released a proposed $200 billion federal investment,

hoping that state and local governments will pick up the remaining $1.3 trillion. These are the

same state and local governments, of course, that often can’t afford to fill potholes in the roads they

already have.



News & Editorials

• “Portland architects move ahead with skyscraper plan for post office site”


◦ Could someone please call up Portland and tell them to quit goofing around? They’ve got a

city full of houseless and displaced people. They don’t need to be building 1000-foot tall twin


• “Randy Bryce’s Campaign Is Not Just Pro-Union—It’s Unionized”


◦ Randy Bryce is a Union Ironworker from Wisconsin who is running for Paul Ryan’s seat in

Congress. He is totally awesome and his campaign staff is now Organized and you should all

support him.