Monthly Labor Report for October 2017

Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Labor

Monthly Report for October 2017 submitted by Eric Sherman, Labor Committee Chair

This report is intended to serve as a “digest” of sorts for news, events, and activities pertinent to

working people throughout Oregon and the United States in general.

Activities & Events

• Several Oregonians joined hundreds of other Union members, including medical personnel and

construction workers, to provide hurricane relief in Puerto Rico


• IBEW Local 932 – right here on the coast! - is in the middle of contract negotiations. Management

is putting up a fight. Both sides wish to avoid settling the contract via arbitration.

• IBEW Local 3 (New York City) telecom workers are still on strike over Spectrum (Charter

Communications) contract disputes – for over 7 months now! Many are facing eviction,

foreclosure, and other hardships. Local 3’s hardship fund is pretty much depleted, and Spectrum

has hired scabs (predominantly from the traditionally anti-union deep south) to do the telecom

work in the City. Over the summer, Local 932 members here on the Oregon Coast simultaneously

handbilled all of the Spectrum offices in the jurisdiction in solidarity with NYC Telecom workers.

Please follow their blog:

Legislation to Watch (both favorable and unfavorable legislation may be listed here)

• At this time, the Oregon Legislature is out of session and the U.S. Congress can’t seem to produce

substantive legislation to save their lives. Please see last month’s Labor Report for a summary of

this year’s Oregon Legislature wins and losses.

• Also, keep an eye on the GOP Budget thing going through U.S. Congress right now. If it goes

through it’s another nail in the coffin for working people across the country.

News & Editorials

• “Minnesota Pipeline Project Divides Building Trades, Environmentalists”


◦ We have a very similar issue here in Oregon with the Jordan Cove project and associated

Pacific Connector pipeline. Discussion and compromise are absolutely necessary between

these sides.

• “NFL Players May Have an Ally in their Protests: Labor Law”


◦ Go Seahawks!

Eric’s Personal Comments – October 21, 2017 –

I apologize for being out of the loop for a while. I have started full-time on a really big project up

in Warrenton (near Astoria) and will likely be working up there for quite some time. It is a complex

project and uses up about 99% of my brainpower. I will try to continue producing at least a truncated

monthly labor report, but don’t hold me to that.

For my personal commentary this month, I’m keeping it short and sweet. There is a beautiful

example of why the Labor movement is important right over there in our neighbor Lane County. Let me

just list off two headlines and you can see for yourselves:

“3-2 vote increases pay for Lane commissioners” Register Guard, October 12, 2016 (a year ago)

“Lane County workers go on strike” Register Guard, October 19, 2017 (just happened)

There it is. That’s how it works. Management gives themselves a raise, workers have to go on strike to

get a fair contract.

There is more at play here than my simple comparison, but I believe the message is clear. Public

employee unions already have a rough time due to years and years of misinformation campaigns by antitax

and anti-union groups. But at the end of the day, public employees have the same needs as workers in

the private sector. Their day-to-day work provides some of the most crucial services to the public – some

that private enterprise won’t even touch because there’s no money in it.

Support strikers. All of them. Everywhere. Always.