Unity is vital. And we must continue to work across America to turn every local office, every State Legislature, every Congressional seat -a progressive Blue.

From our perspective -the Reagan Administration provided the foundation for the concentration of wealth through tax policy, attacks on labor unions and evisceration of the Fairness Doctrine. This began the GOP work to destroy and disenfranchise the middle class. Bush/Cheney took the foundation and brought us to the brink of economic collapse. President Obama (despite GOP obstruction) managed to steer us away from disaster -however we are in a tenuous position at best.

Control of the White House (and thus the Supreme Court -which will have multi-generational impact) would entrench us in "Corporations as People -perhaps even emerge as a protected class", "Money as Speech" and religious fundamentalism over civil and women's rights. Any aspiration toward an eventual democracy would be lost forever. We must work together to elect and/or re-elect great progressive Democratic candidates. Please join us!