Resistance and the Truth about the 2018 Mid-terms

By Gilbert Schramm

So far, the people of Lincoln County have done themselves proud: we had huge turnouts for the Women’s March just after Trump was elected, huge turnouts for the pro-science demonstrations, and big turnouts in support of DACA, against the separation of refugee and asylum-seeking families at the border, against Trump’s outrageous white supremacist comments on Charlottesville, and in support of the survivors of mass shootings like Parkland. All great actions—but not really enough.

What matters is to remember what Trump has done so far… and to vote!

Talking Points for Democratic Activists

This list of talking points about policies and behaviors by the Trump GOP in the first 600 days of his presidency is not exhaustive. There are many other points that could be made. They were assembled with input from an open party meeting. We hope they will be a useful resource for canvassers, letter writers and active members of the party in general and especially a website-based reference place for interested voters.  For ease of reference, main topics are in bold type.

Domestic Policy: General