Honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-

When I reflect upon the life of Dr. King Jr. I believe we need to understand our past, appreciate where we have made progress, analyze where we have regressed -and unite as a society for the long march ahead to fully embrace and realize the dream of brother and sisterhood shared by Dr. King Jr.

We must acknowledge that we do not live in a post-race society. We've lost too many youth of color to violence in our streets, war, prison and poverty to "declare victory".

We must acknowledge our past, right our wrongs as a nation and move forward, together.

State of our Nation, for real

“This is what you can say when Republicans claim that President Obama has done nothing for the country and has destroyed our economy. Yes, we know that facts don’t matter to them and they reject them, however, let’s do like they do and repeat the same thing over and over until people believe it.”

Donald Trump Wanting to Eliminate Gun Free Zones

Last night Mr. Trump, in Burlington Vermont, stated that he would eliminate all gun free zones, including schools, the first day he was president. Why doesn’t he set an example and eliminate all screening at his rallies and appearances, immediately, and allow open carry of all "legal" weapons at his events including AKs and AR-15? According to his thinking, he would be safer.


American Courage and a Humanitarian Crisis -Nel Ward

Thanks to Oregon Gov. Kate Brown for her position that Oregon will "open the doors of opportunity" for displaced people! As she tweeted, "The words on the Statue of Liberty apply in Oregon just as they do in every other state." Brown also wrote:  "In Oregon we will continue to abide by federal laws regarding resettlement. Oregon does not have a direct role or act independently of the federal government."

Hyper-consumerism is Home for the Holidays -Nel Ward

The approaching winter holidays may bring an increased sense of frenzy, especially with advertising pushing  excessive hyperconsumerism.    During the past decades, people in the United States have transitioned from values of thriftiness and collaboration to a search for happiness and contentment by spending money that just poisons the environment and destroys resources.

I'm Proud to be a Liberal

As we move rapidly toward another crucial election cycle I wanted to reflect and share why I’m a proud liberal. There are many attempts to intentionally misrepresent what liberal means and I reject such dishonest attacks upon the liberal community by people working to mischaracterize me. I do believe that the generosity of most Americans during national disasters and tragedies is clearly indicative of a strong, resilient and caring liberal America.

Defending My Vote -Rep. David Gomberg (Reprinted from Newport NewsTimes)

   In his recent letter to the editor (A Call to Arms), Bob Folkers said I should defend my vote on SB941. I am happy to do so.

   My vote on 941 makes it more difficult for felons, the mentally ill, and domestic abusers to acquire firearms. Purchases between private citizens will need the same kind of background checks currently used in stores. Many sales are exempted, such as transfers between family members. Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear.