Extremist Takeover of the GOP

We need more Democrats to stand up like Senator Elizabeth Warren does against the long-running tactics of the Republicans. Keep at it, over and over again. Don’t let them get away with anything. Every elected Democrat should be calling out the Republicans. Like Senator Warren says, it’s no wonder the GOP presidential candidates are extremist. Ever since President Obama was elected the Republicans have let their extremist element do and say whatever they’ve wanted to. Now, with the GOP presidential candidates the “chickens have come home to roost.”

Prescription Drug Costs and HR 4784 -Schrader, Bilirakis Introduce Lower Drug Costs Through Competition Act

Schrader, Bilirakis Introduce Lower Drug Costs Through Competition Act

Bill Will Speed Approval of Generics

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-05) and Congressman Gus Bilirakis (FL-12) introduced legislation today to lower drug prices through increased competition in the pharmaceutical market. The Lower Drug Costs through Competition Act (HR 4784) will speed up FDA approval of generic drugs where there is no competition, and will create incentives for competitors to come to the market.

Standing on Principle

Standing on Principle by Steve Crandall

By 1970 troop unrest in Vietnam had grown to an all-time high. Peace signs were openly displaced and the military establishment was trying to figure out what to do about it. The unrest made it easy for just a few of us to start a revolution that would grow to encompass many more. But would there be a cost to our revolution?

Response to Attack on SB1532 (Raising the Minimum Wage)

Respect for Local Workers in Lincoln County

Upon reading the above Viewpoint submitted by Lincoln City Mayor and Subway Franchisee Don Williams I was filled with disgust. Mr. Williams wrote about his priority upon taking the helm as Mayor as economic development for Lincoln City (although I seem to recall his first priority was attempting to reintroduce prayer into City Council meetings –perhaps for his workers making minimum wage).

Republican Barking Dogs

Republican Barking Dogs

The establishment has trained the base not only to reject compromise but also to stop listening, start smirking and mocking any time the possibility is brought up. Compromise has become a dirty word in their world. Their animosity is holding them hostage, as the reaction following Mr. Scalia's death clearly shows. It was no more rational than the barking of a dog.

Bernie or Hillary?

When I do talk to many (but not all of those that are feeling the Bern) -all too often there is narrow focus on the Presidency. If a political revolution is necessary (of the non-violent variety) -there must be significant effort on all levels of government from school boards and other local bodies through state legislature, Congress and the Executive branch. 

Moving to Sanders -A Viewpoint from Gilbert Schramm

(Note: The following is an individual opinion -it is not an official endorsement by the LCDCC Central Committee or LCDCC Executive Committee).

Like many Democrats, I have been watching the first steps of the 2016 election carefully. I have been torn between backing Hillary Clinton because she seemed to have the nomination locked up, and Bernie Sanders, because he has clearly and correctly analyzed the most pressing problem facing this country—income inequality—and seems determined to do something about it.