Defending Real Liberties

Defending Real Liberties

I sometimes see items in the media by people who claim to be concerned about defending our constitutional liberties. This should make me happy, yet on issue after issue I often find their outcry for liberty is a sham—a cover-up for implementing a quite different and more sinister agenda. Time and again, a vague abstract “liberty” is used as a motive to restrict or even violate a very clear, obvious, vital American right.

The Trump Wall


I am totally amazed that in repeated polls, Trump’s supporters give him high marks for “telling it like it is.” I have personally not seen any evidence of this particular character trait, so I watched Trump’s convention speech with my I-pad on, fact checking all the way. 

Careful What You Pray For… a Comment on “Brexit”

Careful What You Pray For… a Comment on “Brexit”

David Patton’s recent letter “Hoping and Praying for a Trump Victory” is a combination of anger, misinformation, denial and wishful thinking—i.e he is a typical Trump supporter. Consider his “arguments.”

First, he claims there is a serious split in the Democratic Party, and that minorities, independents, and women are flocking to Trump. This is simply wishful thinking— not unlike the denial that lulled Republicans into believing that Trump could never win their nomination. Denial is dangerous.

Orlando: Political Correctness Reconsidered

Orlando: Political Correctness Reconsidered

Like most Americans, I was horrified by the shooting in Orlando last Sunday.

I was also disturbed when the event was described as “unimaginable” and “unthinkable.” Really? It has already happened over and over again. Why should we pretend we never thought it was possible?

Shouldn’t we focus on why this kind of act happens?

The Lessons of the GOP Primaries

Trump’s victory in the GOP primaries process has revealed much about his party.

1. To the GOP, voters, their views, elections, and democracy don’t really matter. When Trump and Carson took early leads, GOP apparatchiks insisted they wouldn’t win or wouldn’t be tolerated if they did.  This was pure denial, and a blatant signal that the views of their own voters didn’t matter. Party “experts” openly discussed how their own “rules” could be subverted and their preferred candidate installed instead.

Bernie Sanders, the Coming Convention and a Democratic Reassessment of Support for Israel

Bernie Sanders, the Coming Convention and a Democratic Reassessment of Support for Israel

As is typical in election years, a huge amount of nonsense dominates the airwaves and internet. From Trump’s latest Muslim baiting or immigrant bashing, to the GOP’s continued efforts to make big issues out of Benghazi and Hillary’s e-mail foul-ups, most of this is truly irrelevant. Among the issues almost never given the truly serious, sustained and coherent attention it deserves is our country’s Middle East policy.

Response to Duke Rider's Letter to the Newport NewsTimes

This is a response to Duke Rider’s recent Letter to the Editor, “Longing for the good old days.” He says he “wants to hear from democrats who support this nonsense.”

The “nonsense” he is referring to is President Obama’s latest “executive order”. Rider writes it involves “by-passing congress with no debating and no congressional voting on this screwball bill that would never pass.”  

A Speech Celebrating International Workers' Day 2016

I have deep appreciation for unions -you know, the people that brought us weekends, worker safety, better wages, healthcare and a voice at the table. Over generations we may read about the struggle -but we often sadly forget that the hard fought-for gains have often been paid for in life, blood and sacrifice from our parents, grandparents and past generations.

Starting with the Reagan presidency -and his vicious attack on the air traffic controllers union -PATCO -unions have been under siege.