Labor Day 2015

Labor Day
This weekend many of us are celebrating the last throes of summer (I'm working -however it is for a good cause -so I'm not bitter about it. Generally not too bitter -that is until I see the picnics on the beach, the kite's drifting by and the happy sounds of families playing).
Americans work hard -we work longer hours, and generate more productivity while taking less vacation than anywhere else in the world. We do this to provide a better life for ourselves and our families.

The real war on American workers

Response to a Climate Denier

Response to "Unsettled", Newport NewsTimes, August 5, 2015

We are very grateful to Rep. Gomberg and Senator Roblan for their leadership -and to the 2015 Oregon State Legislature overall in this past session. While Mr. Folkers note appears fittingly in the "Opinion" section -I do hope the NewTimes will follow with at least 97 peer-reviewed articles written by Climatologists that have not been paid by Big Oil or Koch front groups to deceive the American public about climate change.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ...

File this under "Media consolidation and manufacturing consent". Is anyone else wondering why any time Donald Trump sneezes or some Koch brothers perspective flies out of the mouth of the GOP candidates for president (ie.-Bush wants to end Medicare) it is a CNN Special Report and is covered hourly by all other broadcast and cable "news" -yet when Senator Bernie Sanders is drawing over-capacity crowds nationwide -there is little to no coverage.

Shining a light on Corporate Campaign Contributions -HB 3332 "Shareholders United"

Kudo's to Representative Gomberg and Representative Lininger for their co-sponsorship of HB 3332. The bill requres a business entity to garner majority shareholder approval for campaign donations (contribution amounts and proposed recipients). We see this as an important, intermediate step in countering the "Citizens United" versus FEC Supreme Court decision until such time that we can pass a Constitutional amendment that makes clear that corporations are not people.

Fear and Loathing in Lincoln City

On Saturday, March 14 Lincoln City's first "Strut Your Stuff Talent Show" was supposed to be held at Taft High School. The show was promised to be not just another high school talent show. It was to be Lincoln County's first LGBTQ+ themed talent show with area students, teachers, featuring acts from all ages and abilities.

The event actually had to be moved to the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort. It was reported that there were "multiple complaints" to Taft High School, to Lincoln City Mayor Williams and others.

The Facts about the Clean Fuels Bill (SB324)

Oregon SB 324 will extend provisions that were initially passed in 2009 and signed into law by former Governor Ted Kulongoski. This is good legislation –and has been strongly and jointly recommended by the non-profit stalwart Consumer Reports and the Citizens’ Utility Board –an Oregon leader in consumer advocacy in the energy industry.

Important perspective on Education in Lincoln County -from Steve Boynton

The following column was printed by the Newport NewsTimes and others -written by Steve Boynton. In the column Steve raises justifiable concerns about per student funding for Lincoln County Schools decreasing which puts additional pressure on K-12 schools to do more with less -after several years of already declining funding. Please review and join us at our special program on April 8th on Education.


By Steve Boynton Lincoln County School Superintendent 

New Content Development

While the framework for the new LCDCC site has been created, there is a great deal of content that can and should be developed and deployed.

  • Media clips and content to help convey the significance of the overall party platform
  • Media clips and content about each issue
  • Our organizational deliverables and performance indicators
  • Polling and engagement on Lincoln County priorities
  • Constituent Forums