Trump is Making America Smaller by Gilbert Schramm

Trump is Making America Smaller (…with a little help from his friends)

We started out as a few small settlements along the Atlantic Ocean. We became a powerful nation. And we made mistakes…

Now Trump is president. Week after week we watch our country become smaller.

Last week Trump gave us a new approach to making our country small again…let Russia do it for us! In response to the expulsion by Russia of over 750 US diplomats in Russia, Trump thanked Putin “for helping us cut the payroll.” Sad.

LCDCC - Labor Committee Report for July-August 2017

Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Labor

Monthly Report for July/August 2017

The IBEW stands in solidarity with Charlottesville, and we ardently

oppose Nazis, white supremacists, and all other groups and individuals

who preach hatred and bigotry. Condolences to the victims in this fight

– especially Heather Heyer, who was murdered by a cowardly fascist

piece of s**t and his car. Heather was, among other things, an IWW

Lincoln County Democatic Central Committee Response to Charlottesville

Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee:

A Response to Charlottesville

The recent events in Charlottesville, triggered by White Supremacist Nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and the “Alt-Right” are appalling and unacceptable.

President Trump’s response to these events, his inability to see the truth or to condemn the instigators, is an offense to the entire nation.

Is American Past the Point of No Return by Thom Hartmann

Re-posted from AlterNet dated 7/04/2017

Have corporate/billionaire control of our republic reached such a point that it’s no longer reversible? Have we passed the tipping point where democracy dies?

A few years back, on my radio show, President Jimmy Carter said that America, in large part because of Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, has become “just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery.”  

LCDCC June 2017 Monthly Labor Report by Eric Sherman

Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Labor Report for June 2017

This report is intended to serve as a “digest” of sorts for news, events, and activities pertinent to

working people throughout Oregon and the United States in general.

Activities & Events

• IBEW Local 932 Business Manager Robert Westerman testified in front of the State Legislature on

June 2nd in favor of the extension of the Residential Energy Tax Credit. This was the only Union

Slowing Climate Change and Creating Clean Energy Jobs by Bill Wiist

Most Lincoln County residents agree that the need for jobs on the Central Oregon Coast is an important concern that needs solving. Most local scientists, residents and elected officials believe that climate change is already affecting our region and will likely increase. Climate pollution effects on health costs due to severe weather are expected to cost Oregonian families $1,930 per year by 2020. Family farmers don’t have enough water for crops, beef ranchers could lose up to $11 million per year by 2040 due to drought.

Trump: A Clear and Present Danger by Gilbert Schramm

From the size of inauguration day crowds, to voter fraud, to Obama’s supposed wire-tapping, Trump’s lying and incompetence began on day one and has gotten worse every day. There is no reason to believe that the Trump confusion is a clever strategy: from that lost aircraft carrier, to Syria, to who vetted Michael Flynn, it is simply ignorance and malpractice. Trump didn’t understand the first thing about governing. His flip flops on every issue— Syria, healthcare, taxes, China, and NATO—prove this.