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The GOP Exposed by Irene Rasmussen

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump screamed about “American carnage.” There was no “carnage” under Obama: the president was levelheaded and presided over constant job creation and economic growth. Immigration slowed to a trickle, stocks went up when he took office in the midst of the Bush recession, and more Americans were covered by health insurance than ever before.

            Trump has delivered carnage with a vengeance.

A Mockery Of Justice by Gilbert Schramm

A Mockery of Justice by Gilbert Schramm

The Brett Kavanagh confirmation hearings are a mockery of justice. There are already three powerful strikes against Kavanaugh.

First, though Roe v Wade is established law, Kavanaugh’s previous rulings and writings have expressed his desire to overturn it. In other words, he would be a rightwing judicial activist.

Fair Use of the Lincoln County Commons by Gilbert Schramm

For many centuries, local fairs and markets have been real engines of economic growth and community development. The existence of “common use” lands has also been a bulwark that the common people have relied on to protect themselves against corporate power—an avenue that enterprising individuals can use to climb the economic ladder. I believe the fairground revitalization planners should keep both of those facts in mind. We should think about the “commons” as a local campus for community education and economic development.

Gun Ownership and American Society - by Eric Sherman

Eric’s Personal Comments – February 25, 2018

I am a pro-2nd Amendment gun owner. I don’t think that the rabid right-wing gun nuts have a

clue what “well-regulated militia” means. I don’t think that requiring some basic cursory competency

classes & exams is an undue burden towards firearm ownership. I don’t think that banning bump stocks

infringes on anything. I think firearms are here to stay, and that Democrats, progressives, liberals, antigun

people in general would do well to become educated and go to a gun range with an instructor and

February 2018 - Labor Report by Eric Sherman

Lincoln County Democratic Central Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Labor

Monthly Report for February 2018

This report is intended to serve as a “digest” of sorts for news, events, and activities pertinent to

working people throughout Oregon and the United States in general.

Activities & Events

• I am still working out of town and expect to be through the summer. Extremely busy, but there are

some critical things going on that need to be addressed.

America: A Year End Accounting

America: A Year End Accounting

By Irene Rasmussen, Newport, Oregon


As the year ends, it is a time for a serious review of what has happened to our country in the first year of the Trump presidency.

Many voters, exasperated with gridlock in Washington, took a chance on Trump. His promises were big and bold and seemed to challenge “establishment” assumptions. He supposedly “gave voice” to their anger. They talked themselves into giving him a chance. Was their faith merited? Not at all.

What Democrats Stand For: Prosperity through Values

What Democrats Stand For: Prosperity through Values

by Gilbert Schramm


In the midst of all the disruption, deception and chaos created by the GOP and Trump, the notions that democrats don’t know “what they stand for,” or that they are “merely against Trump” have been widely promoted. Both notions are misleading.

The Trump Tax Travesty

Here are some simple truths about the pending GOP tax legislation. The 427 page document was produced at the last minute and passed in the dead of night with illegible handwritten changes in the margins. Also no proper hearings were conducted. It includes exceptions for artic drilling and who knows what else since no one had a chance to read it.  It’s not tax reform. It’s not a tax cut for most Americans. It is simply a huge transfer of wealth from the lower and middle classes to corporations and the top 1% of wealthy Americans. It doesn’t close loopholes, it creates new ones.