We are a group of volunteers committed to supporting, improving and reflecting the unique needs of the citizens of Lincoln County into the Democratic Party Platform. Furthermore we promote the election of Democratic candidates at every level across Lincoln County with technical, financial and volunteer support. Our Bylaws are available here for review.


2019/2020 LCDCC Officers - Comprises the Executive Committee
Name Title Phone Email
Carolyn Crandall Chair, Emeritus    
Mike Pieti Chair    
Pam Doran Vice Chair    
Angela Pieti Secretary    
Marta West Treasurer    
Gilbert Schramm Historian  



Committee Chairs

Name Committee Phone Email
Gilbert Schramm Program    
Steve Crandall ByLaws    
Leigh Evans Neighborhood Leader Coordinator    
TBD Coordinated Campaign    
George A. Polisner Technology (Adhoc)    



Name Description Email
Leigh Evans DPO SCC Primary  
Trina Kosydar    
Gilbert Schramm    
Dorothy Blackcrow DPO SCC Alternates  
Danon Kroessin    
Peggy Kroessin    
Danon Kroessin CD5 Primary  
Peggy Kroessin    
Larry Armstrong    
Leigh Evans CD5 Alternates  
Trina Kosydar    
Dorothy Blackcrow