Why We March by Irene Rasmussen

On January 19th I will proudly join the 3rd Annual Women’s March. This year’s march will begin at the Newport City hall at 12:30. Details of the route will be provided there. I hope you will join us and I hope you all recognize why marching matters. 

We live in a democracy, and in a democracy, voting is often considered the single most important thing a member of the community can do. In fact, it is the bare minimum.

Mid-Term Elections a Needed Correction by Gilbert Schramm

On election night, people questioned whether the “Blue Wave” would materialize. Final results are in and the answer is clear: The Blue Wave was a historic Democratic victory. Nationwide, Democrats won back the Congress with a gain of 40 seats. They won seven statehouses and seven governorships. Over 330 Democrats flipped offices at the state level. It was the biggest realignment in defense of Democracy since Watergate.

Pushing Turnout and Getting Out the Vote

Our local party activists have been working hard to get out the vote. We have created messaging and literature, trained canvassers, and made over 2000 contacts to local Democrats. We do all this to defend YOUR interests. Now we could use your help (not money, just a little bit of time)!

There are about 17,000 registered Democrats in Lincoln County. Last election cycle, about 7,000 of them didn’t vote. We need to change this. You can help.


Who are the local Democrats? 

We are local citizens and neighbors who feel this country has recently taken a serious turn down a dead end road. We are a party of diversity across class, ethnic and racial lines—we are people who realize that it is time for people to take a stand for their country.

What do local Democrats stand for? 

We stand for the concept of "Prosperity Through Values."

What Does Prosperity Mean?